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It's Your Pond

The Ice Pond had been in private hands for over 100 years. That changed in 2007.

In 2007, after several years of negotiations, the Hampton Conservation Commission, on behalf of the Town, purchased almost 13 acres of pond, wetlands, uplands, and the Ice Pond dam. The purchase also included various easements for dam maintenance, stream maintenance and pond maintenance.


The purchase price for these parcels and easements was $230,000. Of that, $150,000 came from the Conservation Commission's Land Acquisition Fund, and the balance from the Town through an appropriation of up to $100,000, approved by the voters via 2006 Warrant Article #40. That warrant article was supported by more than a 3-to-1 margin, indicating widespread community support for this purchase.


A grant from the New Hampshire Coastal Program helped the Conservation Commission enhance a trail along the southern shore of Ice Pond, and install a gravel path and bench in the meadow on the east side of the Pond. A local Cub Scout troup created a wood sign for the head of the trail.


Ice Pond is the only pond in Hampton that is Town-owned, is protected from development, and provides public access.

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