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The Dam Failed

In 2009, the approximately 100 year-old dam was showing its age.

Because of age and lack of maintenance, the Ice Pond dam was in significant disrepair in 2009. The stop logs in the spillway were starting to deteriorate, and tree roots on the west side of the dam had caused a chasm to develop between the dam and the shore. The Conservation Commission contracted with an engineering firm to provide an estimate for repair of the dam, with funds for that work coming from a NH Coastal Program grant. Before a warrant article to raise funds for the repair could be submitted, a major storm caused the dam to further deteriorate. Because of the additional damage, repair was no longer feasible, and rebuilding the dam was the only option.
Local beavers had built a dam behind the failed dam, and that helped slow the flow of water out of the pond. However, that dam was washed away in a December, 2014 storm, and the beavers are gone from Ice Pond.
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